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Inspire Me Past Assumptions, Creating Truth (IMPACT) is an honest look at the lives of the people who find themselves and identify their goals as they move towards self-sufficiency.

No program data can convey the emotion of poverty or the hopelessness of feeling unloved, unwanted and uncared-for. Hope is not quantifiable; but hope is a mighty change agent that entertains the possibility that we can help someone.

IMPACT is a facilitator of hope and challenges people to become the next drop in the ripple effect … below are some of those stories.

Mr. Eddie Slade's story is the journey of a man turning tragedy into triumph and not being held hostage by his past.

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Ms. Carmella Phillips’ story allows us to take a glimpse in the life of a lady who survived a bitter divorce and addiction, and recaptured her life and plan for the future.

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Mr. William L. Ogletree, Jr's story is that of a man who turned his trials and challenges into fuel to not only change his situation but to help the community around him.

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Ms. Sandra H.'s story details an early graduate of the Re-Entry Program who took advantage of her second chance and is living her dream.

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Mr. Daunte M.'s story is an example of overcoming the prison of the mind while taking advantage of  new opportunities.

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Mr. John Jackson's story is an example of man who found hope and opportunity in seemingly hopeless situation.

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Ms. Elizabeth Buckler's story is that of a young woman overcoming a significant economic barrier in order to secure a brighter future for her and her family.

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Mr. William Graves' story is a hope-inspired transition of this quiet, humble man with a powerful tale of travail and triumph.

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Ms. Carolyn T.'s story is that of a single mother who overcame depression and transportation difficulties to get her life and career back on track.

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Mr. Michael M.'s story is a powerful illustration of a life moved from crisis to stability, stability to empowerment and empowerment to self-sufficiency.

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Ms. Fawn H.'s story is powerful portrayal of overcoming addition, homeless and hopelessness in order to find her authentic self.

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