IMPACT Community Action believes in second chances.

Through our Re-Entry Work Readiness Program, we help restored citizens capitalize on their second chances by addresses the critical barriers to their successful re-entry into the community. Our program is designed to develop and strengthen core competencies pertaining to their attitude as it relates to resuming/establishing their roles with their families and communities; their aptitude as it relates to further developing and identifying their gifts and talents; and their accountability as it pertains to their financial responsibilities.

Our Re-Entry Work Readiness Program employs a holistic approach and uses tailored curricula, including "Mis-Socialization of Men and Women," "Love Notes: Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships," and "Social Skills" to help restored citizens build emotional intelligence, transferable skills and self-esteem through introspection, course work and group dynamics.

In the spirit of Collective IMPACT, we work in partnership with several local organizations, including Adult Parole Authority, Alvis House, COWIC, City of Columbus Restoration Academy, The EXIT Program, Federal Probation, Franklin County Municipal Court Adult Probation, The Franklin County Re-Entry Coalition, The T.O.U.C.H. Program, and several others, to help ensure the participants in our program receive critical skills and techniques needed to re-enter society, re-establish relationships, reduce recidivism and confront significant barriers to their self-sufficiency.

Since January 2010 through September 2014, 505 participants have successfully completed IMPACT's 36 Re-Entry Work Readiness classes and only 54 have recidivated.  We are extremely encouraged by our 10.7% recidivism rate; but we strive to reduce that figure even more.  

Re-Entry Work Readiness teaches critical skills and techniques to ex-offenders who are within one year of release from incarceration. The program aims to reduce recidivism and confront significant barriers to self-sufficiency by using a holistic approach and a certified curriculum geared to develop and strengthen each participant’s core competencies, including attitude, aptitude and accountability.